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Why You Should Have a Realtor When You Buy a New Build Home

Did you know you can have a realtor as your advocate if you decide to buy a new build home? 🏠 A lot of people aren't aware of that, but it's true. The builder will pay your realtor and it doesn't affect the price of your home. I just helped a client get under contract with Richmond Homes this week.🙂

Here's some reasons why it's a good idea to have your own realtor when you buy a new build:

1) The sales rep works for the builder, not you. While most of the reps are nice, they aren't looking out for you as a realtor would.

For example, builder contracts are written very much in the favor of the builder. Do you understand what you are signing? 🧐

2) Communication is important and builders often get very busy, so it's good to have someone who can keep you updated and get information when you need it. 👂

3) As construction progresses, you’ll want to be confident that your home is sound and ready to move in. Having a professional to help you get the right inspections 🔍at the right time is important.

4) If you have never bought a new construction, the base price that’s advertised is not the final price of the home. A realtor can help you research and find new build options that will fit your budget because they know the right questions to ask. This will give you a more accurate estimate of what the home will actually cost.👌

5) A realtor can research incentives and builders in the area to help you get the price possible.💵

With the current market considered-- low interest rates, low home inventory, and a very competitive market, new builds are an excellent option for buyers right now. Call or text me if you’d like to get setup on a new home search! 303-829-0902

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